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Sonntag, den 12. Mai 2013 um 10:46 Uhr

Functionality differences executing a Runbook with Runbook Tester

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Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013 Stefan Horz

The Runbook Tester enables you to simulate the most steps of Orchestrator Workflows.

However, some functionality is not the same in, or is absent from the Runbook Tester.

Before I list the differences I want to explain the important aspects in architecture here:

System Center 2012 (SP1) Orchestrator is designed to execute the checked in Runbooks with "Orchestrator Runbook Service".

But, if you start a Runbook with Runbook Tester

  • it is not executed with "Orchestrator Runbook Service".
  • it must be checked out.
  • it is executed with the account running Runbook Designer / Runbook Tester.
  • it is executed on the system running Runbook Designer / Runbook Tester.

Therefore we have a list of items which function differently in Runbook Tester:

  • All Standard Activities like "Run .Net Script", "Run Program" or Activities from categories "File Management" and "Text File Management" are executed with the user account which started Runbook Designer / Runbook Tester. This account may have other permissions than the logon account of "Orchestrator Runbook Service".
  • All Actives are executed on the system running Runbook Designer / Runbook Tester and not on the system "Orchestrator Runbook Service". If this are different system there may be different Firewall settings or access permissions.
  • In tab "Security" you can specify alternate credentials in the most Standard Activities. The Activities may fail if the user running Runbook Tester has not the permission to impersonate the user.
  • The "Invoke Runbook" Activity will fail if the Runbook that should be invoked is also checked out (behavior in System Center 2012 SP1 Orchestrator).
  • The Counter values are not saved into the Datastore and the original Counters are unaffected by execution with Runbook Tester.
  • The "Send Platform Event" Activity will execute in the Runbook Tester, but it will not write an event in tab "Events".
  • The Instance of the "Runbook" executed in Runbook Tester will not be saved in "Log History" of the Runbook.

Before you transfer a Runbook to production make sure that it is executed with "Orchestrator Runbook Service" as you expect:

  • If you need to pass values to the "Initialize Data" Activity you can start the Runbook with "Orchestration Console".
  • Turn on Logging in the Properties of the Runbook to see in in Log and Log History the Activity specific and common Data for each executed Activity.
  • Disable the Activities you don’t want to test temporarily.

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