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Samstag, den 28. Februar 2015 um 21:29 Uhr

Executing SQL Statements with PowerShell

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Erstellt am Samstag, 28. Februar 2015 Geschrieben von Stefan Horz

Working with Orchestrator has the challenge to log the execution results so that you can have a log to analyze. One of the best ways is to design a custom database for your logging.

In Orchestrator there are two Standard Activities to work with databases: "Query Database" and "Write to Database". With "Query Database" Activity you can execute insert and update SQL statements. If you subscribe Publish Data which could contain a single quote you will get problems with your SQL statements while the single quote must be escaped.

In PowerShell you can escape a whole string. So if you don't want the string manipulation in an extra Activity before you can use a PowerShell Script in a "Run .Net Activity" for logging in a SQL database table:

$newIndex = powershell{

$PublishedData = @'
{Your Published Data which may contain a ' or other special chars}
$quote = @'
$escquote = @'


$dataSource = "SQL01.LAB.VASERV.EU\Custom"
$database = "VASP"

$connection = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
$connection.ConnectionString = $connectionString
$connection.ConnectionString = "Server=$dataSource;Database=$database;Integrated Security=True;"
$command = $connection.CreateCommand()
$command.CommandText = $query
$result = $command.ExecuteReader()
$table = new-object “System.Data.DataTable”
return $table.index}

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