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VAS Value Added Services is an organisation specialized in solution-oriented, product-based services situated in Neuss near Düsseldorf. 

We are partner to a number of different solution providers with special focus on sophisticated new technologies in the German speaking area, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our comprehensive reseller network helps us address customers in the German, Swiss and Austrian markets.

Our consultants' expertise in numerous application areas, combined with our long-standing experience in distributing complex and sophisticated software in the German speaking markets enables us to assist our resellers with support and advice from the very beginning! Thus, reseller are able to add innovative solutions to their product portfolio with little initial investment.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio covering all products and areas supplied to our partners and customers, from selecting and creating a specific solution to implementation, configuration, troubleshooting and operation of customized solutions.

Company History

VAS Value Added Services GmbH was founded in 2002.

In addition to distribution business, our focus is to provide consulting services and training for all products offered, covering various different areas such as system management, IT security management, content security as well as web analysis and Business Intelligence (BI).

Our employees have many years of product and solution experience, thus ensuring qualified and sophisticated support for our customers.

Apart from product-specific services, our consultants provide expertise and know-how for questions and problems concerning archiving, information lifecylce management, ITIL as well as all areas mentioned above - irrespective of product or vendor.

Our goal is to optimize our customers' infrastructure with down-to-earth, practice-oriented support.

„Value Added“ - the name says it all

Our consultants dispose of substantiated, long standing expertise of all products and areas involved. Furthermore, due to their everyday product support activities, they are aware of many different deployment scenarios.

What's more, our consultants think and work multi-disciplinary. With all questions posed, they always look beyond own systems and applications. When trying to find optimum solutions, they take the customer's environment (i.e. network, rules, processes, third-party applications) into consideration and adjust their methodologies accordingly.

Our employees regularly participate in developing beta programs. Therefore, we often receive information at an early stage of new product releases about new features and potential areas of deployment. Our knowledge and experience, in combination with our cooperation with end-users, are an important source of information for vendors when enhancing their products.

However, much of this insight cannot be communicated during normal product support. We therefore offer individual workshops, training units and consulting services, in which we address these topics in detail.

Our Goal

Active, unprejudiced and consulting support of our customers and partners with deployment and utilization of modern IT technologies - that's our ultimate goal. We put special emphasis on a holistic approach to resolving all questions posed to achieve a successful, efficient and sophisticated solution for your enterprise.



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