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Our interpretation of "Value Added"
Installing software is easy!

To comment a question is a child's play!

Create, design and implement product-based solutions according to our customers' requirements and to configure and integrate them into existing environments,
that's our interpretation of "Value Added" Services!

Selling software and writing invoices is a "piece of cake"!

Support complex, state of the art software platforms even after having concluded the deal and actively and reliably assist our partners with distributing and implementing software solutions,
that's our interpretation of "Value Added" Distribution!

We are a qualified and specialized IT service provider and distributor with solutions for the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • System Management
  • System Monitoring
  • Content Security

Browsing through our web sites, you will find a number of interesting and sophisticated solutions for standard as well as special requirements of modern IT management and Business Intelligence.



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