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Easy administration of Microsoft Active Directory Infrastrukturen and keep track of things?

In many companies today, Active Directory infrastructures are the backbone of IT configurations.
The Active Directory manages all users, their roles and access rights. The resulting complexity requires profound knowledge about underlying structures and policies according to which access rights are granted. Normally, complex and time-consuming processes are a must for configuring and granting these access rights, binding highly qualified employees grappling with administrative tasks rather than spending their time with more profitable IT projects.
Due to the lack of appropriate tools and resources, regular auditing of your configurations according to internal or external compliance rules cannot (or only insufficiently) be performed.

AD Admin delegates administration into the specialist department and enables you to regain control!

AD Admin und VA Audit Screenshots:



AD Admin is customizable to your requirements - you no longer have to adjust your requirements to the system!

When developing VA Audit & Admin for AD, one of our goals was to maintain AD content just at the same spot relevant information come up - e.g. your human resources department - without the need for any AD background knowledge. Customizable templates enable simple and reliable information management - any user is only allowed to perform tasks he has been authorized for  - while at the same time automatically ensuring data consistency in the background.

The combination of VA Audit & AD Admin enable simplification of internal processes for maintenance of user information. Access rights can be promptly granted, time-consuming and tedious user maintenance are a thing of the past. These tasks are now performed by specialist department staff - flexibly, competently and quick.