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VA Audit product line for auditing IT authorizations

The administration of access rights for modern IT systems involve increasing technical as well as regulatory requirements IT administrators have to meet while at the same time ensuring a secure, consistent and performant IT environment.
More and more business operations are performed and processed using IT systems. The consequences are:

  • an exponential increase in the amount of processed data
  • a continuous increase in significance and especially criticality of data
  • modern IT systems become more and more efficient - and more complex.
  • an increasing number of employees are able to access more and more critical data
  • an increase in the amount and complexity of laws and regulations to be complied with, especially in an international environment.

All of the above as well as various other considerations result in the need to understand, document and recover changes which have been made to an IT environment.
Unplanned administrative modifications or accidental disclosure of confidential data involve massive negative impacts and can - if worst comes to worst - jeopardize a company's existence or result in criminal prosecution of management and board of directors.

vaaudit_uebersichtMicrosoft Active Directory as central database for authorizations

For more and more enterprises, the Active Directory (AD) as directory service of Microsoft Windows-based IT environments becomes the central locations for administration of access rights. In addition, many applications have own directories which manage the access to application-specific data. Sometimes, these directories are linked to the objects managed within the Active Direcotry - a fact that quite often is not made transparent or which can be seen at a glance when looking at your AD.

The VA Audit product line was developed to audit distributed authorization infrastructures.

The VA Audit product line documents granted authorizations for different strategic IT platforms and enables cross-platform consolidation of this information.

This makes it possible to obtain an overall view of your current situation, which otherwise is almost impossible to achieve when using traditional tools and methods.

The VA Audit product line includes the following components

  • VA AD Audit- This base module and core component reads and analyses authorizations which have been granted within the Active Directory. VA AD Audit enables detailed analysis and archiving of these authorizations as pdf files for later reporting. In addition to this static analysis, VA AD Audit allows to record any changes made to your Active Directory. The following additional modules are currently available: 
    • VA Collector for VA AD Audit – VA Collector allows to record changes of AD objects and to integrate these changes into your reporting.
    • VA AD Audit SCOM Management Pack – The Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager enables you to generate alerts in case potentially critical changes have been detected and to initiate scheduled analyses.
  • VA GPO Audit supplies detailed information about granted access rights for group policies. For further information about VA GPO Audit, please follow this link.
  • VA File Audit allows to read authorizations for files and directories and to synchronize these authorizations with AD information, making currently granted access rights of users and groups for important files and directories fully transparent. For further information about VA File Audit, please follow this link.
  • VA SQL Audit reads authorizations which are managed by MS SQL Servers. By linking these details with AD information, you get a complete overview which AD users and groups have access to your SQL Server data structures. For further information about VA SQL Audit, please follow this link.
  • VA SharePoint Audit provides information about groups, user lists, items and their authorization structures of SharePoint Servern. For further information about VA SharePoint Audit, please follow this link.
  • VA SAP Audit links AD and SAP authorization structures and provides a transparent overview about these interconnections. For further information about VA SAP Audit, please follow this link.

VA Audit Screenshots:


VA Audit helps to comply with requirements for documentation and auditability

VA Audit was originally developed to help customers complying with requirements for documentation and auditability. The goal was to verify if given criteria of the State Protection Act (Landesschutzgesetzes) had been complied with - resulting in being awarded a data privacy seal. For further information about general legal conditions, please refer to our page "Legal Aspects".

VA Audit - our solution for auditing IT authorization infrastructures

Please have a look at our VA Audit web pages for further information about different modules of our auditing solutions. The VA Audit product line is highly flexible and scalable and was developed to respond to individual auditing requirements. We shall be glad to give a demonstration of VA Audit and its comprehensive features, which can be customized to the specific demands of your IT environment.

Advantages of VA Audit

Here you will find a summary of technical and economical advantages of VA Audit.

Technical implementation

For futher information about technical implementation of VA Audit, please refer to our page Technical Details.

VA Audit - the sophisticated and efficient product suite for auditing IT authorization infrastructures!



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