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Technical advantages of VA Audit

  • Full control about all changes and access to your Active Directory
  • Law-compliant reporting to adhere to legal requirements 
  • Dynamic audit features provide precise description of your Active Directory as well as any changes performed
  • Automated reports which can be filtered by various criteria as well as recursive views of groups and users
  • Overview about all authorizations and access on release or directory level ("Which user accessed when which file?")
  • Real-time alerts in case of security-relevant events within your Active Directory
  • Forensic features (also non-anonymously) enable detailed troubleshooting of security-relevant events in your Active Directory
  • Customizable to local specifications and specific security policies of your enterprise
  • Verifiable compliance with Data Protection Act
  • Quick and easy implementation - even in existing Active Directory structures

Economic advantages

In addition to the above mentioned technical advantages, VA Audit also addresses current requirements for economic, modern and sophisticated IT solutions. When developing VA Audit, we put a special focus on providing customer-oriented and market-driven answers to the following questions:

  • How time-consuming is the implementation and how much time will it take to actually put the solution into operation?
  • Which specific pre-requisites with regard to existing IT infrastructures are to be taken into account?
  • Does the vendor offer any support for introduction of the solution?
  • If necessary, does the vendor offer qualified on-site support?
  • Does the vendor have any experience in this thematic complex?
  • Does the application enable easy and convenient operation?
  • Does the software cause additional efforts for network administrators?
  • Is use of the software transparent and fully automated for both users and administrators?
  • Are there flexible licence and pricing models? In addition to simply buying the software, is it possible to purchase Auditing of Active Directories as a full service solution?




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