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VA File Audit - Analysis of access rights for critical files and directories

Industrial espionage is on the increase!

Make sure that your sensitive files and directories can only be accessed and read by authorized employees!

After activiation of all relevant Windows auditing policies, VA File Audit analyses access rights and - if requested and released - access to critical files.

VA File Audit provides an answer to your question, which user had access at which point of time to sensitive data - if required resolved recursively by AD users and logged as change reports. 
So how does it work? It's really simple!

VA File Audit Screenshots:


A central instance informs the VA File Audit agent on which machine and in which path the search is to be started. It is irrelevant if the search is to be executed across shares (\\Server\Share) or directories (D:\Users\Home). The agent starts a recursive search until a given directory level has been reached. After that, you will be provided with all relevant data and recursive user lists.

In addition, VA File Audit checks if certain accounts are no longer able to access given data, thus preventing e.g. backup programs to be accidentally locked out.

With VA File Audit, you can easily detect modified transmissions. All interrupted transmissions are shown in a clearly arranged list.

In addition to domain controllers, you can of course search remote - or locally - any given machine - without having to install an agent.

Zero Footprint on any machine!

All results are provided as informative VA Audit reports and are displayed on the analysis console.