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Leveraging your most valuable information assets - your existing reports 


What if you could have the flexibility of Excel and the usability of dashboards with the data that is in your existing reports, regardless of source system or format? What if you could have all the data you need without building new systems  or burdening costly IT resources in order to create new, flexible and customized reports?

But that's just the beginning: With Monarch 11, you can create reports as charts or graphical dashboards. Its flexible user interface lets you quickly and easily access all of your business data - no matter when or where you are. No need for costly programming or burdening IT resources with change requests for existing reports. Monarch 11 enables quick, flexible and individual generation of customizable reports.

Easy and individual reporting – Monarch 11 has the answer to it all

Monarch 11 is the latest version of the most-widely used report analytics solution in the world, in use at more than 40,000 organizations. Monarch 11 combines a powerful new user interface with enhanced features and functionality for those needing to access, analyze, manipulate, and leverage the data contained in existing, static reports.

Working with existing reports bring huge benefits

Organizations have embraced business intelligence as a way to access, analyze and act on core business data. Unfortunately, business intelligence works only with structured data in relational databases; traditional business intelligence does nothing to leverage the rest of the data in your enterprise. There's a wealth of valuable data stored outside of databases and relational systems, including:

  • PDFs from suppliers and customers
  • Individual ERP and CRM reports
  • Business documents stored in content management systems

Common approaches to solving this problem include spending massive resources on behemoth data warehousing projects, or resorting to "old school" re-keying and manual entry of data. Both of these approaches are expensive, time-consuming and risky, and ignore the benefits of working with existing reports.

Benefits of deploying Monarch 11

Data quality & usability: by extracting data directly from existing reports, there is no question of the integrity of the data, building the base for timely and sound business decisions.

Security & traceability: using reports as a data source ensures that all the data used in your decision can always be traced back to an authoritative source.

Familiarity to business users: business users know the data, structure and meaning. When given a report modeling environment such as Monarch, business users have the perfect tool for self-service data extraction and analysis.

What's new in Monarch 11

Monarch 11 has been updated using the latest .Net technology, unlocking the benefits of multi-core processors and 64-bit operating systems. Introducing a brand new interface that blends a Microsoft Office-like ribbon with Monarch's contextual interface., Monarch 11 makes it easier to model and transform the data in your reports and business documents and makes you more productive than ever.

Monarch 11 provides numerous improvements, such as:

  • Increased data capacity
  • Easy import of reports and data sources on the web
  • XML export
  • A powerful new interface, optimized for high resolution displays and multiple monitors
  • Crisp rendering and zooming of text and graphics to aid visual analysis
  • Redesigned charting with zooming and the ability to view multiple charts in a grip
  • New native 64-bit version


Learn more about Monarch 11's new features

Monarch Report Analytics - Extending the Power of Monarch 11

The Monarch Report Analytics platform enables business users to easily extract and analyze the wealth of clean, trusted, auditable data contained withing existing reports and other business documents without the need for programming or highly specialized skills. The Monarch Report Analytics platform automates the processes that enable users to easily access, extract and incorporate data from any combination of existing reports already published inside or outside the enterprise, then create, publish and distribute the resulting dynamic, interactive reports throughout the enterprise - without requiring the time, expense or expertise of valuable IT resources. Monarch 11 is your first choice Business Intelligence solution to easily and efficiently create dynamic, individual and interactive reports. Test Monarch 11 now!

The Monarch Report Analytics platform also includes:

  • Monarch Data Pump – for automating repetitive processes for acquiring, validating, integrating, scheduling and distributing report data
  • Monarch Enterprise Server – for Web-based distribution of dynamic reports throughout the enterprise, including capabilities to archive these reports for proper information governance to satisfy the needs of internal auditors and regulatory bodies
  • Monarch Report Mining Server – for professional data mining and analytics on documents stored in enterprise content management systems such as IBM Content Manager OnDemand, ASG Mobius ViewDirekt and others
  • Monarch Report Manager on Demand – for high-volume print output, document and report capture, archiving and management.

Features and advantages

  • Flexible new user interface, optimized for high resolution displays and multiple monitors
  • Easy to use data extraction technology, market proven over more than 15 years
  • Extract data from text, PDF, HTML, Excel-, Access, XPS, OLE DB/ODBC, business intelligence reports and other sources
  • Open files directly from the web and SharePoint
  • Powerful data cleansing and transformation capabilities with an extensive function library
  • Quick and intuitive data analysis features, including filtering, sorting, aggregation and drilling
  • New charting environment, with the ability to view multiple charts in a grip
  • Unparalleled Excel reporting, with full-fidelity formatting, AutoFilter, Outlining, Pivot tables and more
  • Export to a variety of other popular formats including PDF, HTML, Access, XML and text

Report Analytics: What if you could actually access and use the information trapped in your organization? 

Ever more unstructured data, ever more different data sources and formats, ever faster significant reports, ever more precise analyses. No matter if BI environment or operational management: Numerous different systems with different modules do not provide the flexibility to cover individual requirements, not to mention interoperability. Valuable information remain untapped.

With Monarch's Report Analytics platform, you can quickly and easily create individual reports! 
No matter what source and system: with Monarch, you can extract, consolidate and aggregate any data for further analysis. 

The Monarch Platform gives you:

  • Easily access corporate data in existing reports, documents, data systems and other sources without having to access direct interfaces
  • Extract unstructured data from different data sources within the enterprise
  • Transfer unstructured data into structured, re-usable data
  • Quick and efficient, web-based creating, distribution and publishing of dynamic reports
  • Sophisticated and individual self-service reporting without programming
  • Data migration and integration between operating systems, validation, enrichment of data, and many more.
Close the data management gap with Monarch!

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