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QlikView Server: For security and enterprise management

QlikView Server forms the information hub of the enterprise, providing the right information to the right people at the right time. QlikView offers a common view of analysis, ensuring a single version of the truth across the organisation.

Users easily and securely connect to QlikView to get the latest updated information at their fingertips. QlikView also makes enterprise manageability easier than ever with role-based administration that ensures only those who are entitled to access data can get to it. And QlikView incorporates enterprise-class security to keep your data fully protected.

With today's distributed workforce, QlikView Server provides a simple way for organizations to ensure everyone has access to the latest data and analysis, independent of their location. Regardless of the client chosen - Zero Footprint, Webbrowser, Windows, Internet Explorer plug-in or Java – QlikView Server provides secure access to the latest version of each QlikView application.

QlikView Publisher: For distribution of analysis and reportings

QlikView Publisher is available as an add-on module to QlikView Server and ensures the right information reaches the right user at the right time in the right format. As the use of business analysis spreads throughout the organization, controlling the distribution of analysis becomes increasingly important.

QlikView Publisher allows for complete control of the distribution of a company's QlikView applications, automating the data refresh process for QlikView application data. In addition, it ensures applications are distributed to users through QlikView AccessPoint and that PDF reports are distributed on time to the right users.




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