Monday, 19 November 2012 13:50

Configure Runbook Servers to Optimize Performance of “Run .Net Script” Activities in Orchestrator Runbooks

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Montag, 19. November 2012 Stefan Horz

In previous posts I wrote about the power and possibilities with "Run .Net Script" Activities to execute your own Scripts in Orchestrator Runbooks. When running "Run .Net Script" Activities reference to the .NET libraries takes additional time to initialize. This delay can be as much as 30 seconds.
This delay can occur if a Runbook is executed on a system without Internet access, because Windows cannot verify the Microsoft Authenticode signature for the .NET libraries. This causes a delay during the initialization of the activity.
This article on Technet describes how you can modify the file PolicyModule.exe.config on the Runbook Server(s) to avoid this delay: .

Modify PoliyModule.exe.config for Perfomance of dotNet Scripts

With this modification the "Run .Net Script" Activity finishes at least 30 seconds faster.

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