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Professional operation of System Center Orchestrator

When operating Microsoft System Center Orchestrator, new runbooks will generally be created within a development environment. If you wish to modify already existing and running policies, these have to be transferred into your development environment first - a sometimes tedious and time-consuming task. Numerous global settings and references to your target environment have to be modified with each transfer back and forth.

This is not only strenous, but also very error-prone, as with Orchestrator, it is not possible to view any global settings used for runbooks or simply execute comprehensive changes of a policy.

Our VA SCO Staging Tool has been developed as a direct, simple and flexible approach to this problem.

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Export – Modification– Import

One of our main goals upon developing the VA SCO Staging Tool was to prevent direct changes in Orchestrator or the Orchestrator datastore when using the tool.

Runbooks, which have to be transferred from one environment into another first have to be exported from the Orchestrator environment via runbook export. All necessary changes will then be executed in this export file.

The modified export file will then be uploaded into your target environment - that's it!

During this process, the VA SCO Staging Tool will ensure that

  • all names of all global settings of the runbook in your target environment are re-named;
  • the runbook name will be adapted;
  • nothing will be forgotten;
  • everything will be documented.

For further information about our VA SCO Staging solution, please refer to our data sheet.

Part of a holistic concept

The VA SCO Staging Tool is part of our phase model to integrate System Center Orchestrator into professional environments.

Our phase model is based on long-standing experiences from different projects for the implementation and operation of System Center Orchestrator and enables a smooth operation by means of clearly defined, sequentially coordinated and complementary work packages.

For further information about our phase concept, please refer to our solution pages.



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