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Derdack’s Enterprise Alert is designed for mission-critical business continuity and incident
response scenarios. The software helps leading enterprises and organisations in over
50 countries to automate alert notifications, to reliably distribute critical information to
the right people and to respond to critical incidents and emergency situations before they
can impact business continuity and customer service levels.

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 Overview Enterprise Alert®


Data centers face many challenges ranging from demanding SLAs, high customer expectations, fierce competition and the need for differentiation.

Nowadays, critical IT incidents are often communicated via broadcast email or blinking symbols on computer screens. Communication of critical events or alarming of on-call teams is often a manual process with a lot of unnecessary latencies. The result of manual procedures or “fire-and-forget” notifications can be disastrous in many aspects ranging from productivity losses, customer dissatisfaction and serious downtimes of enterprise systems.

The requirement of accessing PC consoles to manage IT service requests or neutralize IT problems is another source of delays in business and IT processes.

The Solution: Derdack Enterprise Alert®

  • Fully automates mission-critical notification and communication workflows
  • Delivers context-specific notifications to accountable teams or individuals
  • Expedites accurate and rapid responses in business-critical or emergency situations
  • Removes human latency from business-critical communication processes
  • Raises customer satisfaction (CSI) through incident-forward communication
  • Allows fast and mobile incident management via smartphone apps
  • Consolidates the notification infrastructure to increase reliability and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Integrates tightly with datacenter operations, IT management, manufacturing & plant floor, utility creation and distribution, facility management, etc.
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Enterprise Alert maximizes your Microsoft System Center investment by adding mobile alert and response capabilities to your IT management. So, that beyond the plain detection of problems, the right people are automatically informed and able to respond – wherever they are.

System Center Operations Manager

Enterprise Alert adds reliable notifications with delivery tracking and automated escalations to System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). The full spectrum of unified communication is supported: voice with text-to-speech, SMS text message, instant message, email and smartphone push. Enterprise Alert enables mobile access to alerts in SCOM via native smartphone apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

System Center Service Manager

Enterprise Alert complements System Center Service Manager (SCSM) with intelligent notifications to IT analysts and enables mobile assignment of incidents to IT service staff. Smartphone apps provide mobile access to incidents and allow analysts to create new ones remotely. Inbound communication can be automated, for instance to create new service request via voice calls. Enterprise Alert also supports automated user communication, e.g. on the resolution progress of incidents.

System Center Orchestrator

The Enterprise Alert smartphone app enables the execution of runbooks directly from iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. This is based on additional provisioning and security features to prevent unauthorized access to your IT. Enterprise Alert also adds an integration pack to SCO, communication-enabling your runbooks, e.g. for sending text messages, making voice calls or starting notification workflows.

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Enterprise Alert® App für Android

Learn more: www.derdack.de/enterprisealert



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