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Process availability of your SAP systems made easy

You undoubtedly use your SAP systems to map critical business processes. And you want these processes to be available when you need them and to deliver the quality you expect. From an IT perspective, this service is built on different components: infrastructure, hardware, and software. Each component has to contribute its share to making a business process available. 
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a powerful tool that was developed to allow you to monitor every single component and to guarantee the availability of your services.
cmWatcher now also allows you to reliably and easily integrate your SAP monitoring with SCOM.

cmWatcher in SCOMa

The control center: your system in a nutshell

With cmWatcher, it is now possible to manage and monitor your SAP systems directly from the SCOM interface. This gives you at-a-glance visibilty into the health of your SAP systems and allows you to respond instantly if need be. You can directly respond to status changes: use the cmWatcher Action Panel to directly access the affected SAP system.  

Say good-bye to manual system checks 

With cmWatcher, you will no longer have to manually check your systems every day and every month. It will automate these system checks and display irregularities directly in SCOM. Auto-reactions are in place to resolve problems without requiring the administrator to intervene. This guarantees that your systems are monitored from end to end and gives your IT staff more time to focus on the core business. 

No more detours

cmWatcher bridges the gap between the worlds of Microsoft and SAP. This is made possible by the direct integration of SAP and SCOM. No more detours through other monitoring systems, all relevant monitoring data from your different SAP systems will be displayed in SCOM. This paves the way for the availability of up-to-the-minute monitoring data. Wasting time on detours is simply unacceptable when it comes to system monitoring.


  • Consistent monitoring process
    Integrate your SAP monitoring with SCOM to centrally monitor both system worlds 
  • Straightforward and efficient monitoring
    Get a bird's eye view of your systems to ensure straightforward and streamlined monitoring
  • Reduced administration time and costs
    Eliminate manual system checks by implementing automatic processes
  • Quick problem resolution
    Quickly access your SAP systems through SCOM for a rapid response to critical incidents  
  • Availability monitoring
    Monitor the availability of your systems with simulated SAP user logins (SAPGui and Web) 





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