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Our partner Theobald Software GmbH looks back on more than 10 years of experience of conceptual design and development of SAP interfaces.

Being both a SAP certified partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Theobald Software GmbH provides a wide range of standard products and customized services für seamless integration of Microsoft products and SAP solutions. This range of product is complemented by sophisticated solutions for integration of SQL Server Integration Services, MS Reporting Services, MS SharePoint PerformancePoint Services, PowerPivot, and QlikView.

Theobald Software offers the following solutions:

erp100ERP Connect - your strong tie to R/3

ERPConnect provides an independent API for .net for all kind of SAP objects, thus enabling developers easy and smooth design and implementation of SAP interfaces (e.g. functional modules, SAP Queries, IDocs, RFC-Server, BW-Cubes etc).

  • BAPIs and fuctional modules with just a few code lines
  • Sending and receiving of IDocs
  • RFC-Server
  • Supports RFC and SOAP, can be integrated into any modern SAP NetWeaver architecture
  • Can be used on mobile devices as well
  • Provides an independet API for reading of BW / BI objects

In addition to these standard features, ERPConnect offers a number of special features to enable efficient, consistent and secure management of even extraordinary SAP interface programming requests:

  • Direct reading of SAP spreadsheets via RFC
  • Generate and execute ABAP code on the fly
  • Transaction management via batch input 

xis100Xtract IS - Plug'n'Play for SAP and SQL Server Integration Services

Integrate all kinds of SAP and BW data into your SSIS-based ETL process. Nine different ELT elements enable you to model high-performance dataflows. Model your dataflows type-safe, with maximum meta data support and a graphical editor.

  • Xtract IS Table - extracts spreadsheet data
  • Xtract IS Query - extracts data from SAP queries
  • Xtract IS BAPI - collects RFC-enabled functional modules and can server as source, target or transformation fähige
  • Xtract IS BW Cube - executes BW queries and exports this data as spreadsheets
  • Xtract IS OHS - Uses Open Hub Services to extract cubes, ODS objects and InfoSource (from BW 3.5)
  • Xtract IS Hierachy - Extracts hierarchies from SAP BW / BI
  • Xtract IS BW Loader - enables import of attribute data, text data or transaction data via SSIS package into your BW system
  • Xtract IS Report - enables continued use of old ABAP reports including operational intelligence even after having changed over to MS environments
  • Xtract IS DeltaQ - uses R/3 extractors, which normally can only be used in BW systems, to implement your own delta strategy between production R/3 server and SQL server.

xrs100Xtract RS - SAP Real-Time Reporting with Reporting Services

Use powerful Microsoft Reporting Services for real-time display of your SAP data and without any additional layers. Reporting data sources may be SAP spreadsheets, Queries, BAPIs and BW objects.

Xtract RS is a data provider for SAP which has been optimized for Microsoft Reporting Services. Xtract RS is a data extension and seamlessly integrates into Business Intelligence Studio and Reporting Services Server. Xtract RS provides direct, real-time access without any additional software layers or other middleware. Its simple but highly efficient architecture guarantees unprecedented performance.

  • SAP spreadsheets can be directly read
  • SAP Queries
  • RFC functional modules and BAPIs
  • BW objects (Cubes, Query Cubes and master data)

xqv256Xtract QV - Combine the next generation In-Memory-BI with SAP

With Xtract QV, you can use all the amazing, progressive and comprehensive features of QlikView for your SAP data. Thanks to eight different intelligent SAP interface technologies, you have virtually endless possibilities when designing your data flows.

Xtract QV has been added to the Xtract product line mid of 2009. Eight different SAP interface technologies enable BI architects to create an optimum, consistent and high performance data layer between SAP and QlikView.


xpps256Xtract PPS - Combine Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Services with SAP

Integrate all kinds of SAP and BW data into Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Services. Data sources may be SAP spreadsheets, Queries, BAPIs, FRC as well as BW objects.


xppv256Xtract PPV - Combine Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Services with SAP

Combine all SAP business data in Microsoft PowerPivot. All SAP spreadsheets, Queries, BAPIs, RFC as well as BW objects and ABAP reports may be used as data source.

Xtract PPV includes the two components Xtract Server and Xtract Designer. The Xtract Server extracts the data. PowerPivot communicates with Xtract Server, which communicates with SAP. With Xtract Designer, you can configure your extraction according to your specific requirements.



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