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Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2



Each time your company expands, new employees are hired or new applications and services are provided, managing existing IT systems becomes an immense challenge. Because of higher costs and increasingly complex IT environments, IT departments are frequently forced to do "cleanup jobs" instead of focusing on their original job. According to analysts, more than 70 % of all IT costs are caused by managing existing projects and IT services - without any surplus value for the company whatsoever. Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007 is the perfect solution for handling these challenges. System Center Operations Manager 2007 allows for an increased efficiency as well as improved control of your IT environments. Operations Manager enables you to invest time and resources into those projects that really create a surplus value for your company.



    • Improved service levels and increased transparency by comprehensive management of Microsoft and third party applications
    • Enables IT departments to efficiently identify and troubleshoot problems impairing the operation of distributed IT services
    • Faster troubleshooting by comprehensive expertise about server, clients and applications for Windows®
    • Reduced support costs for clients by integrated problem reports and operation monitoring of client systems
    • Reliable and secure scaling of responsibilities for teams and IT infrastructures by role-based and scalable architecture
    • Reduced complexity of IT administration by automating routine tasks

Increased efficiency and control:

System Center Operations Manager automates routine tasks. SCOM provides intelligent reports and monitoring, thus enabling increased efficiency as well as better control of your IT environments.

    • Enhances the use of Active Directory and Windows operating system for easy system identification and secure, automated remote provision of agents which automatically connect to your management server to provide all necessary management rules.
    • Integrated new reports and a solution for customization of reports. Provides additional information for troubleshooting and planning.
    • Based on Windows PowerShell and delivers a SDK which allows for a secure, script-based automation within the Operations Manager environment
    • Scalable. Scalable management server provide consolidated reports about the entire company - even in organisations with hundreds of IT employees, thousands of managed servers and several hundred thousands of managed clients
    • Minimizes false alarms by self-regulating threshhold monitors which intelligently adjust alarms by regularly reviewing the normal use of applications and systems

Management Packs:

Management Packs are modules built for extending Operations Manager 2007 management features to other operating systems, applications and technology components. Management Pack (MP) include best practice expertise enabling you to identify, monitor and solve problems of a specific technology component. Furthermore, Management Packs provide System Definition Model (SDM)-based state models, with which you can analyse capacity, availability, configuration and security settings to determine the overall state of different components. Management Packs are available for Microsoft and third-party operating systems, applications and devices.

Microsoft-Management Packs

Microsoft supplies MPs for more than 60 Microsoft products and Windows components. The MPs have been developed by the same teams responsible for product development, thus guaranteeing that all information and details are truly expert knowledge. For licenced users of Operations Manager 2007, all Microsoft MPs are free of charge. For a complete list of all Microsoft MPs, please refer to the Management Pack catalogue on the Operations Manager web site.

Partner-Management-Pack Solutions

Microsoft partners have developed and offer numerous Management Packs for various third-party products such as Linux, Oracle, SAP as well as network and server hardware. More than one hundred Microsoft Partner Management Packs cover the wide range of technologies used in companies today. For a complete list of all Partner MPs, please refer to the Management Pack catalogue.

Management Pack-Tools

Microsoft offers different tools for development or customization of Management Packs for Operations Manager 2007. The Distributed Application Designer is a graphic assistent enabling IT administrators to quickly and easily develop models and Management Packs for their IT services. The Management Pack Authoring Console is a graphical tool assisting IT administrators and developers when building own Management Packs for their applications or other components. The Operations Manager 2007 Development Kit (SDK) provides programming interfaces for seamless integration and automation of Operations Manager 2007.




  • Export of „NT security events in real-time
  • High data compression prior to export
  • Extremely scalable
  • Efficient data storage
  • Secure communication
  • ACS is a component of OperationsManager

Account Management:

• Account created / deleted / activated / de-activated
• Changes of domain admins and administrator groups
• Changes of group membership
• Password resets
• Computer account created / deleted

Access violation

• Unauthorized access attempt
• Account disabled

AD-Policy changes

• Audit rules
• Account rules
• Object rules
• Additional authorizations granted / denied


System Center Operations Manager 2007 helps you to increase efficiency and gain better control over your IT environment. Operations Manager enables you to better use time and resources to create a real surplus value for your enterprise.



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