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Implementation of
Microsoft System Center Service Manager


This document describes a model for systematic introduction of a service management environment based on Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010.

This model is based on a Plan – Build – Run - Strategy, to which the two stages Optimize – Ongoing Review have been added to also take regular operation of your new infrastracture into account.

All individual stages have been broken down into different work packages which as a whole completely cover the thematic constellation.

As the number and extent of different work packages depend on the size of your planned service management infrastructure, we can only estimate time and effort to be spent. Depending on complexity and intricacy of the project, the information given may deviate from actual costs and efforts.

All information and contents of this document are based on our long-standing experience in the area of service management monitoring and on having implemented numerous projects involving leading service management environments such as Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM).

Content (extract:

  1. Plan
    • SCSM-P-P-1 Building a Design Service Manager Environment.
    • SCSM-P-P-2 Process Review and Design acc. to ITIL/MOF
    • SCSM-P-P-3 Development of KPIs
    • SCSM-P-P-4 Storage and Recovery Concept
    • SCSM-P-P-5 Security Concept
    • SCSM-P-P-6 Training concept

  2. Build
    • SCSM-P-B-1 Installation of a Service Manager Environment
    • SCSM-P-B-2 Connection to Data Center Operation
    • SCSM-P-B-3 Reporting
    • SCSM-P-B-4 Operations Concept

  3. Run
    • SCSM-P-R-1 Operations Support (Remote/on site)

  4. Optimize - Ongoing Review
    • SCSM-P-O-1 Updates and Performance Check
    • SCSM-P-O-2 Continuous Improvement Process
    • SCSM-P-O-3 Enhancements

Work Packages (extract):




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