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Central, agentless evaluation and analysis of event logs and critical information of multiple Windows systems by simple point-and-click.

You all know the following situation:

During normal operation of your Windows-based desktop systems and server farms a problem pops up - and nobody knows why. The event log and its entries may give some indications, but do not account for possible interaction with other systems.
Which systems might be affected?
What's more, sometimes you may not be able to identfy on which systems this problem occured, but has not been noticed yet.
If you want to detect these possible anomalies, you have to manually search all event logs of all Windows servers - in the vague hope of finding further information about the reason for your problems.
Even if you have an automated system monitoring solution such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, you might not get the whole picture. A very time-consuming task, during which your users impatiently wait for their applications to be available again. For single system environments, evaluation of Windows event logs and critical information such as services, operation system parameters and settings might not be a problem. However, if you want to perform specific analysis and evaluations in medium and large environments, your range of action is quite limited.


Using standard Windows tools, it is almost impossible to concisely display information as well as quickly and straightforwardly perform detailed analysis.

The VA EventAlyzer was developed to address these problems!

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The VA EventAlyzer consolidates all event log entries of your Windows systems in a Data Warehouse using a grafical interface. All System-, Security- and Application-Event log information is read out from connected systems and summarized in an intuitive, precise display.

With only a few clicks, you are given an overview about the event situation of your systems of your Windows environment.

By point-and-click, data are immediately available and analysable. Depending on the information selected, the navigations menu provides additional options for further drill-down

Consolidated view of operation system parameters and computer information

In addition to the event log information, the VAS EventAlyzer retrieves critical computer data and operating system parameters from connected Windows systems. With just a few mouse clicks, you can perform detailed analysis, e.g.

  • Which services are activated on which systems?
  • Which servers currently show high event load?
  • Which events are currently on my systems and what impact do they cause?

These analyses assist in quickly and easily establishing a solid infrastructure in accordance with all relevant specifications.

Sophisticated technology

The VA EventAlyzer is based on QlikView's B.I. technology and its features; especially for simply and easily displaying and evaluating multiple data from different formats and sources.

Thus, important operating system parameters and Windows event log entries are processed and displayed in a complete overview. The sophisticated Business Intelligence platform QlikView eliminates the recurring problem of unmanageable or sometimes even impossible display of critical parameters.

The VA EventAlyzer enables system administrators to align their search with current problems. Events can be filtered by category, event ID or event source. Filtered results can be imported to other views for further drill-down.

This innovative technonloy of in-me­mo­ry analysis requires no additional and complex reports or queries of the servers monitored.

Regardless of the size of your server and computer environments - the VA EventAlyzer provides all evaluation features you need to obtain desired information as quick, easy and reliable as possible.



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