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Companies always strive to make existing data more transparent to be the one step ahead of competition, to offer better and more efficient services and to make quick and founded decisions. This is not only the case for data concerning customers, production and sales, but applies to IT data as well.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You need comprehensive, overall information from different systems of different manufacturers to draw the right conclusions - quickly. For example, you need to combine current costs for procurement from your ERP system with the number of tickets from your service desk (frequency of problems) and the average number of virtual systems in order to calculate the exact TCO as precise and holistic as possible; or you want to have a clear and detailed view of all information gathered by your standard monitors quickly and precisely.

Illustrations of the VA ITI Data Warehouse:


Linking IT and Business

Closer integration of IT management and business processes is nothing new. Surprisingly, however is the fact that only now first steps have been taken to precisely and sustainably evaluate impacts IT components may have on business operations in order to integrate this information into holistic planning processes.

For example, IT administrators have a different view on systems than application owners - whose requirements for graphics and views, on the other hand, may differ considerably from controlling and service desk. The VA ITI-DW (VID) consolidates not only decentral data from different tools, but also provides out-of-the-box dashboards and views with most commonly used KPI's of the respective user. 


Image of the VA ITI_DW application structure


Control and measure your IT just like your business

All data are immediately available as separate extracts from your main operative systems and can be analyzed at the click of a mouse.

Analyses such as

- What's the technical availability of my most important business processes?
- How many and what kind of unplanned downtimes did we have during the last 2 weeks?
- Are there any critical and complex maintenance jobs pending?

are made available at the click of a mouse.

Important parameter such as staffing of service desks, responsibilities of different departments and employees and their reachability are analyzed and depicted in an aggregated overview. Trends that can be derived from last weeks'/months' development are projected into the future to quickly and easily show critical scenarios.


Intelligent integration of IT Management and Business Intelligence

The VA IT infrastructure data warehouse is based on QlikView's BI technology. QlikView enables associative analyses of different data from different formats and sources and offers a large variety of presentation and evaluation possibilities.
Previous approaches towards consolidation and analyses have been rather unsatisfying; some companies e.g. used macros to evaluate data in Excel which still required quarterly service accounting. However, each new requirement or problem causes extra costs. This problem can be remedied by providing pre-configured data models and dashboards and integrating for example IT finance data from IT management solutions with external data sources.  
The VID is the most cost-effective solution to obtain the requested information about your systems as quick, easy and reliable as possible - no matter if used for small, medium-sized or large Windows environments.



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