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VA Security Management Pack for SCOM

Value Added Software Security Management Pack is the secure ‚Microsoft Operations Manager 2007‘- solution to meet all requirements of an audit-proof environment.

  • Large variety of alerts for critical events
  • Views of Server 2003 and Server 2008
  • User and group policies
  • General domain and server policies
  • Integration into Microsoft Operations Manager and VASoft AD Audit

va_sec_mp01Use Operations Manager to identify security events

The VA Security Management Pack for Operations Manager provides a comprehensive and scalable number of alerts for critical events on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008, such as user and group policies, general domain and server policies to answer questions like:

  • Which are the most critical groups within my AD?
  • Which are my most critical accounts?
  • What happens to my critical accounts and groups?
  • Who has access to my critical systems and objects?
  • What is happening right at this moment?

The Management Pack provides precise information about security-relevant details rather than displaying as much event data as possible. Who is working by mistake on which projects and where are possible vulnerabilities?

The Security Management Pack is extremely scalable and supplies via whitelist/blacklist granular alerts and logging of security events within your AD.

In addition to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, the VA Security Management Pack can be seamlessly integrated into our „VAS AD Audit“ solution.

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