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Xian Wings 2010

What do you do when you receive an email notification from Operations Manager 2007 on your smartphone? Do you head back to your office? Or do you use the web console? Now we have made all of this easier for you! With Xian Wings 2010 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 you have a real client application for your smartphone, which gives you easy access to states, alerts, performance graphs, tasks and more.


Just like in Operations Manager, in Xian Wings you have a states view where you can see the health of the objects you defined to be displayed.


You can check the alerts of a specific object or see all the alerts currently active. With an easy to set up filter you can limit the number of alerts forwarded to your mobile devices as to enhance usability.In addition, you can view and change alert properties in real time just as you would from the Operations Manager console.

Performance Graphs

Besides States and Alerts you can also take a look at performance graphs. Simply select the object and the counters you want to view and Xian Wings 2010 will generate the corresponding graph. To make it even easier, Xian Wings, stores the latest graphs you made automatically to quickly retrieve them within a couple of clicks.


To be able to receive the most important alerts at the moment they occur, Xian Wings gives you the option to set up notifications. This means that you do not need to synchronize Xian Wings to see if there are any important alerts. You will benotifiedautomatically.



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