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Professional trainings for your team aimed at design, development and operation of your Microsoft System Center Orchestrator environment offered and held from experienced specialists. Different trainings, customized to different roles and stages of your Orchestrator integration project

Scaled concept

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator offers flexible and efficient possibilities to automate IT processes. However, it takes long-standing experience with this platform as well as a founded education to fully tap these possibilities. 
Experience comes with practical use and application. We at VAS contribute to your founded education by offering comprehensive and detailed Orchestrator trainings.


opalis_sch02Trainings - embedded in a holistic concept

Based on our experience from numerous projects, we have developed a multi-tiered training program, concentrating on the various stages during automation projects.

Our Orchestrator training program is based on best practices while implementing an IT Process Automation platform (ITPA). The training program is an essential and fully integrated part of our concept for implementation of Microsoft System Center Orchestrator in organisations.

The Orchestrator training program covers all project stages and addresses different requirements individually and comprehensively!
Profit from our expertise and experience to sooner and more efficiently utilize Orchestrator!


Trainings - customized to individual rolesopalis_sch01

Typical projects dealing with the introduction of Microsoft System Center Orchestrator include employees with different responsibilities.

The Orchestrator Designer, who develop a general concept and stay on top of the project, play a central and important role.

The Orchestrator Developer transcribe the IT process automation platform (ITPA) specifications into actual Orchestrator policies. They build all routines necessary, tie third-party systems using Orchestrator Integration Packs to the ITPA platform and ensure correct scheduling.

The Orchestrator Operators are responsible for the operation of the System Center Orchestrator platform. They monitor correct execution of the Orchestrator policies, solve possible problems and thus guarantee a smooth operation.

Our Orchestrator training concept offers individual programs for all of these roles. We provide specific trainings customzied to different requirements and coordinating all relevant specifications possibly needed.

For a comprehensive overview of our training program, please follow this link:



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