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WebTrends Dynamic Search
Maximize Paid Search Performance with WebTrends Dynamic Search

Focus on high-level business strategies, not tedious bid management.

WebTrends Dynamic Search™ is the final step in the evolution of paid search campaign management. Don't leave your paid search programs to rudimentary bid tools and bid management methods-invest in the industry's most sophisticated pay-per-click solution which utilizes Dynamic Optimization.

The WebTrends Dynamic Search system maximizes conversion volume and revenue beyond the limitations of existing methods. It automatically manages, optimizes and profitably expands your entire paid search advertising investment in real time across the major search networks to achieve your critical business and marketing objectives.

Dynamic Optimization Key Benefits:

  • Focus on strategie
  • End-to-End Campaign Management
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Portfolio Approach to Bidding

When it comes to quantifiable results, WebTrends Dynamic Search delivers.


Algorithmic, 24/7 Bid Automation

WebTrends Dynamic Search's automated, algorithmic optimization system works around the clock to identify the best-performing keyword combinations and automatically updates bids on the search networks. The system eliminates all the heavy lifting associated with manual bid management.

Multiple Campaigns, Multiple Goals

With WebTrends Dynamic Search, groups of keywords can be managed to different goals. Choose from any range of position, ROAS, or CPA goals for each campaign created within the system, then watch the optimization automatically maximize performance.

Sophisticated Multivariate Testing

Whereas previously marketers were forced to perform tedious a/b testing for extended periods of time to identify areas for incremental campaign improvement, WebTrends Dynamic Search automates the testing process while allowing you to experiment with a greater number of variables simultaneously.

Simply provide the system with all the variations you would like to test and the system will identify the top performing combinations based on the statistical performance data collected, along with automatically updating bids to best maximize performance on your specified business goals.

With a consolidated interface for managing your paid search campaigns, there's no need to log into each separate major network. Get visibility into your ad performance across the board, on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask.com, all at a glance.

Comprehensive Reporting

WebTrends Dynamic Search is not a black box solution. To help you better understand how your campaigns are performing, WebTrends Dynamic Search provides an assortment of innovative and intuitive reports. Reports include granular listing data available in summary or by day, trend and forecast reporting, along with latency data, just to name a few. All data is updated daily, is available 24/7, and is fully exportable in spreadsheet format.With a consolidated interface for managing your paid search campaigns, there's no need to log into each separate network account. Get visibility into your ad performance across the board on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask.com, all at a glance. WebTrends Dynamic Search also supports reporting for Feedburner RSS feeds and Dotomi banner retargeting, providing you with truly consolidated cross-channel performance data.

The Clear Choice for Automated Optimization

WebTrends Dynamic Search capitalizes on the complexities of paid search campaign management to give you the best return on your investment. The automated optimization system handles all the heavy lifting associated with complex data analysis and bidding updates, while the reporting interface offers a comprehensive view into ongoing campaign performance.



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