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WebTrends Score
Reveal the Untapped Value of Your Web Site Visitors

Measure visitor engagement for deep customer insight and reveal the untapped value of visitors to your site.

WebTrends Score is the industry's only patented solution that measures and reveals which visitors offer the most potential value to your business. It's a revolution in the measurement of visitor engagement that gives you the power to target your messaging, improve your conversions and build long-term loyalty.With WebTrends Score, you can:

  • Learn from your visitors, even if they are only browsing, and target your marketing based on measurable insight into visitor intent. .
  • Identify visitors who are most likely to convert and engage them with relevant content.
  • Measure the value of a visitor when a quantifiable measure, such as revenue, is otherwise not available.
  • Make smarter budgeting decisions and improve campaign effectiveness with a powerful and quantifiable means to assess the relative value of one campaign over another.
  • Test your rules before applying them to your entire data set so you can refine and optimize your results.
  • Identify rule sets that are key for your business, then score visitors against each rule set for a rich, multidimensional view of customer engagement.


WebTrends Score provides measurable insight into visitor intent, allowing marketers to effectively target consumers and improve campaign performance. Based on patented WebTrends technology, WebTrends Score provides a way to score online behaviors and measure the level of engagement or interest visitors have in specific content, subjects or products.

This allows marketers and brand managers to move beyond measuring visitor intent with a single conversion event, such as a purchase. Web site visitor scores can provide rich insight to drive consumer targeting activities, such as email, site personalization and offline direct marketing.

Technology Platform: WebTrends Marketing Warehouse
WebTrends Marketing Warehouse is the enterprise-class technology platform that powers the data in WebTrends Score and WebTrends Visitor Intelligence. It's a highly efficient design centered on the visitor profile that provides you immediate, ad hoc access to the deepest level of insight-even when incorporating external visitor and event data.