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WebTrends Visitor Intelligence

Identify, Target and Engage the People Behind your Web Site Visits

Attract and build loyalty with your most valuable consumers.

WebTrends Visitor Intelligence allows you to act on deep insight into the person behind the visitor to drive micro-targeted marketing and online experiences that increase engagement and build loyalty. At the heart of this marketing analytics solution is a comprehensive Interest Profile that combines a person's online behavior with offline customer data, such as CRM or demographics to build insight into a person over time.

This insight, combined with powerful analysis and multi-dimensional reporting, gives enterprise organizations the ability to answer questions that are critical to improving marketing ROI and driving higher returns from their online channel.


  • Get more out of your marketing investments by driving relevant campaigns that are based the behavior of the people behind your web site visits. Incorporate offline insight to develop even richer profiles of your visitors.
  • Improve workflow across your organization with interactive dashboards and on-the-fly reports that allow you to shorten decision cycles and build collective intelligence about the performance of your online business.
  • Drive more effective email and behavioral targeting with data that is based directly on the actions a visitor takes on your site over time.
  • Get a single view of a customer across channels by tying critical online consumer insight with offline customer data. Incorporate online insight into corporate dashboards and enterprise systems, such as CRM or a customer data warehouse.
  • Answers the most complex questions and share results across the organization with powerful analysis, multi-dimensional reporting and data visualization.

Technology Platform: WebTrends Marketing Warehouse
WebTrends Marketing Warehouse is the enterprise-class technology platform that powers the data in WebTrends Score and WebTrends Visitor Intelligence. It's a highly efficient design centered on the visitor profile that provides you immediate, ad hoc access to the deepest level of insight-even when incorporating external visitor and event data.



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