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WebTrends Analytics

Get Better Online Results and Share Insights Across your Organization

Visitors to your web site have high expectations.

They want easy access to products and content and they know your competitor is just a click away. More than ever, marketers must provide relevant, meaningful experiences to keep visitors engaged.


WebTrends Analytics enables you to provide your visitors with the most engaging experience possible. Measure and test all aspects of the online experience from marketing to site content and usability—all of which increase visitor engagement and conversion rates. With functional reporting for each department, from marketing to merchandising to business analysis, you can answer the questions that are most important to the overall business as well as each department.

  • Get the most out of your Web 2.0 investments by measuring, testing and optimizing visitor interactions with AJAX, online video, and more..
  • Optimize the online experience across all devices and marketing channels, including mobile devices.
  • Identify which content, channels, partners and campaigns drive conversion, and promote the ones that keep people engaged..
  • Customize reports for the way you do business and answer the most relevant questions across the enterprise using the most flexible analytics solution in the industry.
  • Drive adoption across the enterprise and tie key analysis into other reporting and marketing solutions via industry-standard open access technologies such as ODBC, FTP, and web services.
  • Easily schedule emailed reports from directly within the reporting interface to quickly provide one-time insight or ongoing updates to anyone in your organization.
  • Optimize conversion for each page, path, and scenario on your site with complete navigation analysis.
  • Run your business by the numbers with real-time performance dashboards.


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